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Pricing Rules

Well International Translation Services understand your urgency or integrity requirement for the papers. The translation services are offered with comprehensive evaluation depending on the language, expertise, fields, and delivery time. We also customize a diversity of services to customers according to the paper by offering the most competitive price. If you only need translation for general text description, we can also assist you to save your costs.

For corporate clients, we also offer discounts for long-term translation and open account services.

Well International Translation Services offer free charge for quotation. Please provide your paper via the following means so we could offer you more precise quotation:

Reference price for general documents (additional discounts offered for bulk quantity)

Translation cost starts from NT0.7/Word in the original documents and is subject to adjustment according to the language, expertise, fields, and delivery time. Well International Translation Services reserves the right to adjust the actual costs based on final quotation.

Interpretation Services

Different interpretation prices are offered depending on the different interpretation requirement. We customize the interpretation services most suitable for you. Interpretation services require minimum of 2 hours and up to 8 hours a day. Transportation and overtime fees may apply. WE also offer long-term and short-term services. Please contact us for more information.

*For other services and prices, please consult us via email or the telephone.


You can pay directly at site at the office of Well International Translation Services (for more information, please see Contact Us), transfer via ATM or the bank.

We also offer Paypal services. Please contact us for more information.

Banking Information:
Bank: First Commercial Bank, Zhongxiao Branch
Bank Code: 007
Beneficiary: Well International Translation Services
A/C No.: 103-10-080202

Customers can choose to pay the deposit (60%) or in full payment. Please contact us via telephone or email soonest possible. We will schedule your translation jobs immediately upon receipt of your payment.