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Notarization Services

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Notarization & Certification Services

Well International Translation Services offer document translation for immigration, overseas study and interracial marriage, notarization, document certification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and services with foreign offices in Taipei. Our staff will provide you with explanation for the service price, content of translation, notarization and certifications to help you fully understand and stay in control of the process. You will save time and the trouble with going through the process in person.


Transcript of Household Registration, birth certificate, death certificate, single status certificate, marriage certificate, divorce agreement, letter of declaration, academic transcripts, diploma, academic certificate, enrollment admission, police criminal record certificate, passport, identification, driver’s license, certificate of military discharge, practice certificate, certificate of examination passing, company license, factory registration certificate, balance sheet, income statement, tax filing statement, tax forms, land and building certificate, employment verification, release certificate, letter of employment, work permit, residence permit, insurance card, insurance information with Bureau of Labor Insurance, certificate of tax payment, withholding tax statement, medical diagnosis certificate, medical history, protective inoculation card, awards, license, and contract.


*Please consult for document pickup and service prices. We offer to-door pickup services in Taipei City.